The Zbrush pipeline.

Developed this to explore the pipeline in utilizing Zbrush to create game assets. After years of Photoshop and Maya, Zbrush is daunting at first, but is pure awesome once you get a feel for it. More to come.

The Old Throne by Luke Sheridan on Sketchfab

Project Tower Defense

Our first go at a level for a tower defense game that myself and others are working on. The game is functional with mobs and towers. Buildings, well, and lanterns provided by Joryson Rivera. Programming by David Yamanoha. Snow level in the works!

Zbrush ahoy

Finally started getting my hands dirty with Zbrush. Love it. 

Hand painting.

Hand painted sign post. Roughly painted out a concept first. Tileable hand painted texture below.

The Lifestone

A hand painted game asset. Time limitations kept it from it's final form, as it could be developed further, primarily with high frequency details. However, I would like re-approach the design altogether instead. 

The Old Throne

After stepping back from Photoshop to focus on traditional work, this was my first efforts in a finished digital painting in a long, long time. The primary focus was creating believable atmosphere perspective, while the design came second. Can't wait to do more.


One of my favorites. This was during a 2.5 hour session with a live model with Acrylic. I hope to do more life painting like this in the future.

Recent stuffs.

Various recent work, primarily marker and colored pencil on grey paper. Now one of my favorite blends of mediums to work traditionally with. Oh and an eye study.

More hybrids

The only humanoid one I did and one of my favorites.

The big ones.

Two of my larger ones. The Lion was meant to be the alpha omega of hybrids and I tried to mash up as many animals/insects as I could with the focus on the Lion. It wasn't as successful as my others, but was still enjoyable to sketch. The elephant meanwhile was very simple, and a far more effective design. Something I may paint over in the near future.

More and more Hybrids

The list is not complete without Falkor the Luckdragon.


Saw a siamang at the zoo, where they were "wooooot"ing for about 30 minutes straight. Awesome monkeys.


Really enjoyed these ones.

Hybrids hybrids

Water bears are amazing, and I would recommend looking them up. Flying Octopus Armadillo is one of my favorites. Perfect game boss or lab assistant.

More hybrids.

Where evolution fails, I shall succeed. :D

Animal hybrids

Coming up with animal combinations proves difficult after you get passed the more common animals. Waterbug Pig was is my favorite of this bunch, if only because it's disgusting. Some combinations fall apart, while others are far more successful.

The Zoo

Some life drawing at the Woodland Park Zoo and other studies. The gorilla was sporting a red cloth for a hat while holding a stick and eating. Was great to watch. Amazing how similar they are to us. Spring 2014. 

Life drawing

Often found myself focusing on either the figure, or the face. In 20 minutes, getting carried away with facial details rarely allows time to focus on the general shape of the figure.

Some more

Life drawing

The nice thing about this pose is the horizontal scale of it makes it easy to layout across the page, and foreshortening is easier to portray.

More Life drawing.

I swear the lion was there in the room. 

This is the first figure drawing where I started playing around more with line weight, something I intend to apply to more frequently in the future.


Spring 2014

Life drawing with colored pencils

Spring 2014

Life drawing and stuff

Spring 2014

Life Drawing sketches.