L4D2 Charger!

Because he's just so awesome. Working out proportions and form right now. Going for a slightly more muscular Charger.




A quick sculpt for a hair study. Hair is a lot of fun to sculpt. Like wood...but soft. :P Was going for more of a slender alien look for the facial features.


The WIP blog.

Will be changing the usage of this blog to post works in progress and traditional artwork starting in the next few weeks.

For now, my finished work can be found at http://lukesheridan.blogspot.com.


A Creature Box sculpt.

Love me some Creature Box, really enjoyed working on this 2-day sculpt.


Seven Ravens Finals

Some things to be resolved, but overall pretty happy with the results. Had some great feedback on these that allowed me to get them to this point.


Necro WIP

Finishing proportions and blocking out the major shapes before sculpting away all the details. Final next week.

Book Pedestal WIP

Sculpting away the hi poly on this, final coming next week.

The Seven Ravens WIPS

WIP on final concept pieces. Final coming next week.

The Seven Raven Thumbs

Working on two concept pieces for the Grimm tale "The Seven Ravens".


Druid Dagger

Another level of high frequency detail needed to really sell this one, I think. Photoshop.


The Zbrush pipeline.

Developed this to explore the pipeline in utilizing Zbrush to create game assets. After years of Photoshop and Maya, Zbrush is daunting at first, but is pure awesome once you get a feel for it. More to come.

The Old Throne by Luke Sheridan on Sketchfab

Project Tower Defense

Our first go at a level for a tower defense game that myself and others are working on. The game is functional with mobs and towers. Buildings, well, and lanterns provided by Joryson Rivera. Programming by David Yamanoha. Snow level in the works!

Zbrush ahoy

Finally started getting my hands dirty with Zbrush. Love it. 

Hand painting.

Hand painted sign post. Roughly painted out a concept first. Tileable hand painted texture below.

The Lifestone

A hand painted game asset. Time limitations kept it from it's final form, as it could be developed further, primarily with high frequency details. However, I would like re-approach the design altogether instead.